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This is the home base for you to request beautiful, amazing designs from the HMC Creative team. This page is built to help you work with HMC Creative on all of your wonderful designs. HMC Creative works with the clients from project submission to production of quality marketing and promotional materials in line with the Student Affairs brand and approach.

We are currently only servicing the following clients:

  • Division of Student Affairs office
  • Campus Life
  • WashU Cares
  • First Year Center
  • Residential Life (website only)

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Graphic Designer

An enthusiastic globe trotter who loves experiencing new things and considers design the best cure for world problems because after all, intelligent designs bring people together.

Graphic Designer

A creative globetrotter who loves puzzles, hoops and helping kids create art Hello! My name is …

Graphic Designer

A coffee-addicted, Adele superfan with an enthusiasm for elite gymnastics
Professional corgi lover and ice cream aficionado who is always looking for new music and new …

Associate Director for Campus Life – Harvey Media Center

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