Redefining Community Experience

RCE is an experience where you can grow with others and start to redefine how you see the world. Don't believe us? Check out the video above!


  • Applications Open – Sept. 4 at 12 a.m.
  • Application Deadline – Sept. 17 at 11:59 p.m.
  • Retreat Dates – Oct. 13-15

Apply Here Starting Sept. 4!!  Meet the RCE Team! 

Redefining Community Experience (RCE) is a three-day retreat that provides students with an opportunity to examine Washington University through a critical lens. Sponsored by Campus Life, RCE is an exciting opportunity for you to meet and connect with other students in a setting that promotes dialogue about social justice and community building.

Activities are designed to spark discussions around embracing multiple identities, power and privilege, and what does the word “community” mean to you.

The retreat will be held October 13-15, 2018 and is FREE to all Washington University undergraduate students; this includes lodging accommodations, transportation, and meals. All students, regardless of leadership experience and identity, are encouraged to apply. Selected students who cancel registration after October 8 will be charged a $150 fee to your WUSTL student account. Submitting the application signifies your agreement to the expectations.

Thank you for taking the time to consider joining us! We look forward to meeting you!

  • Each day serves to connect you to remarkable student leaders and give you tools that will foster an inclusive environment at Washington University
  • Participants will establish meaningful friendships and community in both small and large-group settings
  • Fun and rich conversations of intersectionality will be introduced to give you new perspectives around social justice initiatives
  • Small groups establish ground rules to create brave spaces and encourage everyone to ask questions, reflect, and hold deeper conversations
  • You will be introduced to social justice terminology and learn how to vulnerably fail and lead with courage and authenticity

  • Define and articulate their personal values
  • Recognize their own multiple identities, experiences and biases
  • Recognize and reflect upon concepts of privilege/power
  • Evaluate and reflect on their actions and modify as necessary
  • Recognize and identify the role that diversity has in a global society
  • Understand the communities in which they are a part
  • Understand their cultural identities and their impact on the community
  • Explore opportunities to serve their communities
  • Seek input form others
  • Create an open, inclusive and trustworthy environment
  • Engage in open, direct, and respectful conversation with others
  • Demonstrate active listening

What are past participants saying?

I loved our time with the family groups because it really allowed to grow close to a group of people and open up in a small setting in which I’m more comfortable.

I enjoyed meeting new people that have different backgrounds and identify differently than myself. One of my goals was to be more aware of issues that don’t directly affect me, and I feel like I was able to do that. Also, the retreat was a space I could feel vulnerable which ultimately allowed me to open up about issues I had been keeping in.

Getting to know students and faculty that empower me.

RCE is FREE to all Washington University undergraduate students; this includes lodging accommodations, transportation, and meals. However, once accepted, students have until November 18 to cancel their registration. Selected students who cancel registration after October 8th or are no-shows will be charged a $150 fee to your WUSTL student account.
Campus Life in conjunction with a student steering committee.
Each year RCE invites between 30 and 40 students to participate.


Questions about RCE?

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