Excellence in Leadership Awards

The Excellence in Leadership Awards celebrates the outstanding achievements of Washington University students and their co-curricular experience.

Washington University in St. Louis students, faculty, staff and friends gathered for the 2013 Excellence in Leadership Awards at Holmes Lounge on the WUSTL Danforth Campus in St. Louis April 28, 2013 .Photo by Sid Hastings / WUSTL Photos

Students at Washington University regularly achieve great success. Through the Annual Excellence in Leadership Awards, Campus Life honors student leaders and student groups who actively pursue and demonstrate excellence in leadership within the campus community.

Those recognized for Excellence in Leadership will have:

  • Gone above and beyond the expectations of the campus community
  • Consistently proven to be exemplary amongst the campus community in all aspects of their campus involvement
  • Fostered positive relationships with campus resources / departments and other student organizations
  • Intentionally pursued the organization’s ideals through the attainment of established goals and continual reflection and development.
Any Washington University community member may nominate a student leader or a student group believed to exemplify excellence in leadership.

A student group can also apply directly for an award. However, individual students cannot self-nominate for the individual awards.

Any established group / group effort believed to exemplify excellence in leadership may apply or be nominated. Student group applications / nominations will need to provide information about the officers & the group, as well as respond to the award criteria.
Excellence in Leadership Awards Nominations are due by noon on March 16. Nominations will be accepted online, and supplementary materials can be submitted online. If you have questions, call Campus Life at 314-935-5038.​​


Associate Director for Campus Life - Leadership Development

Executive Director for Campus Life