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Emerging Leaders (EL) is a transformative, Campus Life program geared towards first-year students at Washington University in St. Louis. Emerging Leaders consists of an over-night retreat and 7 subsequent, interactive community sessions in the Spring semester. The Emerging Leaders program provides first-year students opportunities to coalition within an environment centered on socially responsible leadership, inclusion, values-based interpersonal development, and fun!
Campus Life collaborates with various partners, guest speakers, and upper-class student mentors to construct curriculum that challenges students on their assumptions about leadership and encouraging an understanding of leadership that is both transformative and purposeful.
The Emerging Leaders program is a great opportunity for first-year students to evaluate their current leadership skills and values, develop and grow in areas they hope to strengthen, and community build with peer mentors that are experienced students leaders on campus!

Applications to participate in the Emerging Leaders program will become available on Monday, October 9th, 2017

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Emerging Leaders Peer Mentors

Major - Electrical Engineering

"The thing that I love most about Wash U is the people. I have been fortunate enough to have met some of the most intelligent and inspiring people who have pushed me to be a better person. This sense of community is something truly unique to Wash U and knowing that we look out for each other is incredibly heartwarming."

Majors: Educational Studies and Religious Studies

"Emerging Leaders provides a framework for first-years to think ahead to the remainder of their time at WashU and consider not just how they can contribute to their communities as leaders, but what they want to take away from their college experience as well."

Major: Anthropology

"I feel pride in WashU because I genuinely believe that the student population’s general disposition towards their peers is one that embraces advocacy, support, and inclusion for each other. As a group, we are always evolving based on the needs of one another."

Major: Biology; Minors: Medical Humanities, Anthropology: Global Health and the Environment

"Emerging Leaders taught me so much about myself, both as a leader and as a person. I was able to understand my strengths and weaknesses and determine how to use those to be an effective leader."


Program Coordinator for Leadership Development

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