Events with Alcohol

Undergraduate Events Information

Required Training

Student groups who plan to host an event with alcohol are required to participate in two training sessions. Please RSVP prior to the training via WUGO.

Registered Off-Campus Venues

Campus Life is committed to ensuring the safety and security of events on and off campus. As part of this off-campus venues must go through an approval process through our office. Below is a list of venues who have completed a signed Venue Agreement on file with the university and are approved for student organizations to use. Please note: We are unable to approve any new venues for the rest of the Spring 2017 semester.

If a student organization is interested in holding an event at a venue not listed above, they must first seek approval. This process can take up to 15 business days and should be completed BEFORE event registration is due. Student Union recognized student organizations are unable to sign contracts on behalf of their organization, a representative from Campus Life must review all contracts. Therefore, student organizations are unable to enter into a contract or pay a deposit for a non-approved venue until the process below is complete.

Below is a step by step process to assist you in getting a new venue approved

Step 1: Contact to inform Campus Life which venue you are interested in programing with. In some cases the venue may be already in the pipeline for approval or may be not approved for a variety of reasons.

Step 2: Review the University Venue Agreement (PDF), so that you understand the University expectations of the venues student groups can program with.

Step 3: Provide the venue management with a copy of the University Venue Agreement (PDF). Be sure to inform the venue management that your organization CANNOT hold your event at their venue unlee the agreement is signed and their venue is approved.

Step 4: Ask venue management to send the signed University Venue Agreement (PDF) and a diagram of the venue’s floorplan to Floorplans should indicate all venue entrances/exits, alcohol distribution points, & restrooms.

Step 5: Campus Life will evaluate the venue and either approve, deny, or identify areas of concern. Campus Life works diligently to approve venues but on occasion venues are deemed too high of a risk or not agree to the terms and therefore are denied.

Step 6: Once the venue has been approved, the student organization will be contacted and will need to fully register the event using Event Builder.


Peggy Hermes

Assistant Director for Student Involvement and Student Groups

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