Fraternity Housing

Campus Life owns and operates 11 fraternity facilities located near the Athletic Complex in the Village Green on the Danforth Campus. Currently 10 of the 11 are housed by Fraternities and the other is under the operation of Washington University Residential Life.

Your Fraternity House Managers

Alpha Delta Phi House Manager

"As a fraternity House Manager, I am committed to creating a safe and inclusive community among my brothers. I will lead by example by fostering an environment of respect for the shared living spaces and for my fellow brothers, in order to maintain a high quality of living for those living there now and for years to come.”

Sigma Nu House Manager

“As a House Manager, I’m committed to fostering and inclusive and diverse community within our chapter, and dedicated to improving and sustaining the environment of the house by holding the brothers to living standards agreed upon by the whole fraternity."

Sigma Chi House Manager

“As Sigma Chi’s House Manager, I am committed to creating a safer, more enjoyable and more inclusive living environment by clearly following procedures, raising awareness of house rules to all chapter members, and by fostering pride in the physical space.”

Theta Xi House Manager

“As the House Manager for Theta Xi, I will work to create an inclusive space where all brothers will support and hold each other accountable to keeping our house clean, safe, and desirable for our guests.”

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

“It is my goal as House Manager to improve and promote both the standards and respect of University property ad each other within my own chapter and the Fraternal community as a whole."

Kappa Sigma House Manager

“As House Manager, I am committed to hold our community to the highest standard of living so that all of our members can have the best environment possible to better themselves not merely as students, but as people.”

Tau Kappa Epsilon House Manager

“As a House Manager, I am committed to seek the opportunity to improve the fraternity environment and living standard of our members by sharing my individual skills, and by working closely with each member.”

Alpha Epsilon Pi House Manager

“As House Manager for Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity, I am fully committed to upholding and enforcing the community standards that we live by to create a shared environment that welcomes the brothers and the broader WashU community.”

Beta Theta Pi House Manager

"During my time as House Manager, I am committed to creating an environment that my brothers can proudly call home. I will do this by ensuring that everyone is welcomed into a safe and inclusive environment built on values and teamwork."


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